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    Manna Food Drive: Auburn Fans Win

    Alabama, Auburn, University of Florida, and Florida State fans competed for this year’s Manna Food Drive. The following were the results:
    Auburn: 243.76
    University of Florida: 109.2
    Alabama: 107.4
    Florida State: 44.2
    TOTAL: 504.56 pounds

    National Chapter Award

    "The Northview High School FFA chapter was awarded one of the highest national honors presented by the National FFA this week in Louisville, KY." Read more: »

    Northview Teacher Receives Governorís Shine Award

    Govorner Rick Scott presented the Governorís Shine Awards to Ms. Anna Barry on October 27. Read more: »

    Voice of Democracy Essay Winner

    "Northview High School sophomore Dykota Wilson has been named the local winner of the local Voice of Democracy 2015-2016 essay contest." Read more: »

    Teacher of the Year

    Congratulations to Ms. Calloway, Northview's 2015-16 Teacher of the Year!

    Northview Yearbook Receives Top Columbia Scholastic Press Association Award for the second consecutive year.

    The Tribal Spirit yearbook staff has earned the Columbia Scholastic Press Association GOLD Award two years in a row! The staff earned a total of 908 points out of a possible 1000 for their 2015 Tribal Spirit yearbook. The reference section scored 192 out of a possible 200 points.

    Columbia Scholastic Press Association stated, "You and your staff worked very hard to produce a very solid outstanding publication. The staff made sure that every activity, sport, club, student life, etc. was covered. Very nice job! It was a pleasure to have been part of your community. Lots of luck for 2016!"

    Homecoming Queen

    "Savanna Roux was named Northview High Schoolís homecoming queen for 2015." Read more: »

    Northview Student Named National Merit Scholarship Program Semifinalist

    Jessica Amerson has been named a semifinalist in the 61st annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Read more: »

    First Regional Win


    Northview chiefs played their first ever State 1A Semi-Final game. Read more: »


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